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Public notice

Snatch do not work with lockers or ransomware.

1. Snatch never disrupt supply chains, work of any country, government, state, city and private companies by locking, encrypting or by any other mean.

2. Snatch always notifies about data leak.

3. Snatch always prioritizes negotiations with data owner.

4. Snatch targets and prioritise archiving agreement between us and the company.

5. Snatch do not disclose the vulnerability that helped us get the data to the third parties, except the company itself.

6. In case of receiving the payments from the company, Snatch sends a report about vulnerability that helped us get the data and consultancy on improving the defense layers. Also, Snatch deletes all data and puts company into the special list. Details of report depends on the final payment, but in any way upop reaching the agreements, the company gets report on vulnerability and entry point.

7. The list described before guarantees non-interference of Snatch into the further interaction with the hackers community and guarantees that Snatch will not accept, analyze, buy, sell or interact in any form with company data on the list.

8. Snatch respects it's buyers and do not publish purchased data.

9. Company data is selling in parts, rest of the data will be published.

10. In any scenario critical data of the company, that declined to negotiate with Snatch, will be published, except data purchased by any other member of the market.

11. Part of the critical data will not be selling, but will be Snatch exclusive data, that would be published according to the point '10'.

12. In the process of interaction with company, Snatch always notifies the government about data leak. This include tax departments, financial, cybersecurity and every authority in the company industry.

13. Snatch requires complete transparency about notification of data owners about data leak. If company started negotiations soon enough, warned about data leak and secured the rest of the company and affiliates data, the company can notify every affiliate and close the breach by themselves.

14. If company decides not to negotiate with Snatch, then in any scenario every company affiliate will be notified and presented the proofs of data breach.

15. Snatch does not notify the media about negotiation status and price of the deal. Negotiation process with company is strictly confidential.

16. Snatch open to the collaboration with companies, reporters, bloggers, enthusiasts and other people in cybersecurity. This also includes the people working in the same industry as the company listed on our site.

17. If someone is introducing themselves as negotiator from the Snatch or state they have a direct contact with Snatch, write to the Snatch only social media accounts or contact form on the site to verify the person.

The world has changed beyond recognition! All values are destroyed, all masks are removed!

    We officialy inform that no more tolerance and lenientence from our side about the sensetive information.
    All leaks, includiing any kind of critical, private or particularly important information will be published in case of refusal to negotiate If earlier we tried to filter the published data, since now we refuse to use censorship.
    All information will be published "As is" Also, the information will be duplicated in the internal Chinese segment of the Internet.

Due to the huge number of the published information downloads we're moving project to the paid subscription mode.

At the moment, donations are welcome.

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Jun 30, 2022 11:21 PM


Atlantic Dialysis Management Services
Atlantic Dialysis Management Services, LLC (“ADMS”) was established to provide new dialysis site development, day to day administration and management of dialysis services and related business development activities. The business strategy is to maximize individual site results through consolidated activities. Central to the
Jun 30, 2022 11:19 PM


Data Added: 411 MB
At HEMERIA, we design and manufacture high-dependability, high-tech equipment and systems for the very exacting requirements of the space industry and France’s nuclear deterrence force.
Jun 29, 2022 11:10 PM


Established in April 1975, we started the design model business for home appliances. Since our founding, we have worked on many design and working models in many industries such as home appliances, office automation equipment, automobile parts, medical equipment, and amusement equipment as a company
Full Data
Jun 23, 2022 01:46 AM


Warren Resources
Warren Resources’ properties include high-quality, low-decline conventional oil and natural gas assets in the core of the Wilmington Field, in L.A. County, CA. Our value-driven strategy focuses on continuously generating capital efficiencies and operation with low production and G&A costs, with a disciplined approach to
Full Data
Jun 23, 2022 01:43 AM


Data Added: 48 GB
Xtera deliver submarine cable solutions that maximise optical capacity and capability from seabed to city through outstanding expertise, know-how and technology innovation that is underpinned by leading-edge research and development.
Full Data
Jun 22, 2022 07:59 PM


Mab Group
Data Added: 62 GB
MAB Group with 13 subsidiaries and spread over 7 countries, we at MAB are evolving into one of the fastest growing industry specific services companies in the region. Headquartered in Dubai, the land of opportunities and an emerging super power in the world of business,
Full Data
Jun 22, 2022 07:40 PM


Data Added: 500 GB
Back in 1954, a man named Ray Kroc discovered a small burger restaurant in California, and wrote the first page of our history. From humble beginnings as a small restaurant, we're proud to have become one of the world's leading food service brands with more
Full Data
May 22, 2022 12:35 AM


Medical Pharmacies
Data Added: 76 GB
Medical Pharmacies is the leader in medication management, specialty pharmacy services and providing medical supplies and equipment to the Canadian healthcare industry. Working in a field that provides such critical services, their staff of over 1500 members has to be up-to-date on the latest drug recalls,
Full Data
May 5, 2022 10:23 PM


APG Neuros
Data Added: 700 GB
APG-Neuros holds a strong foundation both in aeronautic technology and engineering. APG-Neuros was founded in 2005 to distribute, manufacture, provide aftermarket support and continued development of the high-efficiency Turbo Blowers and complete Aeration Systems for the municipal and industrial markets in North America and Europe.
Full Data
May 3, 2022 11:08 PM


Thomson Broadbent
Data Added: 827 GB
Thomson Broadbent provides high quality advice to homeowners, developers, private estates and landowners whose properties are impacted by new road, rail, airport and existing or new electricity power line projects. Our role is to guide the landowner through the statutory processes and with our specialist